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  • L-Glufosinate ammonium CAS 35597-44-5
L-Glufosinate ammonium CAS 35597-44-5

L-Glufosinate ammonium CAS 35597-44-5

Product name: L-glufosinate-ammonium
Content: 10%
Melting point: 209-210°C
Boiling point: 519.1±45.0°C (Predicted)
Specific rotation: D25+13.4°(c=1inwat)
Density: 1.378±0.06g/cm3(Predicted)
Acidity coefficient (pKa): 2.22±0.10 (Predicted)
Preparation method: add crude glufosinate-ammonium into acidic aqueous solution, heat to form a dissolution equilibrium, then cool down to precipitate solid,
Filter, and the filtrate is post-treated to obtain refined L-glufosinate-ammonium from agrofarm chemical;
The content of L-glufosinate-ammonium in the crude product of glufosinate-ammonium is greater than 52%;
The pH value of the acidic aqueous solution is 1.2-4.0.
Application: L-glufosinate ammonium is updated products than glufosinate ammonium, can kill weed with faster speed, it is treated as Replacement of Paraquate.

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