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  • Glufosinate-ammonium 85% WS
Glufosinate-ammonium 85% WS

Glufosinate-ammonium 85% WS

Product Name: Glufosinate-ammonium 85% WS wet sowing agent
Content (m/m): 85%
Packaging specifications: as required
Appearance: wet mixing agent
Execution standard: GB/T 33808-2017
Molecular weight: 198.1574
CAS number: 77182-82-2
Einecs number: 278-636-5
Molecular formula: C5H15N2O4P
Uses: when sowing
Prevention and control: Watching wheat, Ma Tang, wild wheat, multi -flower black wheat, dogtails, golden dog tails, wild wheat, wild corn, duck buds, curus grass, cinema, and so on.

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