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FAQ For Glufosinate-ammonium

Q1:Do you have herbicide business license?
A: We have farm chemical business license and can export herbicide products.
Q2:What are your Main products?
A: 95% Glufosinate-Ammonium TC, 20% - 30% Glufosinate-ammonium mother liquor TK and customized by the customer, 200g/L AS.
Q3:How much capacity do you have?
A: The factory has the capacity to produce 20000 tons of Glufosinate-Ammonium technical drugs and 10000 tons of refined Glufosinate-Ammonium annually.
Q4:Our customers have different packaging needs. Can you customize them?
A: Welcome to custom your products. At present, we have 25kg/bag of solid and 1200kg/barrel of liquid. Preparations is 200L.
Q5:Can glyphosate and Glufosinate-Ammonium be mixed?
A: Yes, according to a certain proportion, it can also increase the efficacy.
Q6:Can you Explain what is the advantage of this product?
A: This Product has already used 30 years as herbicide, still no evidence said that it is can effect human health.Beside it is able to control herbicide-resistant weeds
and fiting weed resistances.

FAQ For Glufosinate-ammonium

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