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Product Name: Glufosinate-P
Content: Glufosinate-P 20%, 10%
Formulation: Soluble Solution
Melting Point: 209-210°C
Boiling Point: 519.1±45.0°C (Predicted)
Specific Rotation: D25+13.4° (c=1in water)
Density: 1.378±0.06g/cm3 (Predicted)
Acidity (pKa): 2.22±0.10 (Predicted)
Preparation Method: Coarse product of Glufosinate Ammonium is added to an acidic aqueous solution
and heated to reach a dissolution equilibrium. Then, the temperature is lowered to precipitate the solid,
which is filtered. The filtrate undergoes post-treatment to obtain Glufosinate-P.
This method produces a cheaper final product, with no difference in weed control compared to glufosinate
Ammonium. It becomes inert upon contact with soil.

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